Important information at your stay at Rooms on Water

1.5 meters society

A concept that until recently nobody had heard of, is now becoming part of our daily life.
Rooms on Water is open and has prepared well for the Covid-19 measures so that your stay on board is safe, but also relaxed. 

The additional general measures we have taken to increase your safety during your stay with us:

  • At the entrance there is a stylish disinfection pole that guests can immediately use to disinfect their hands.
  • On the workbench next to the coffee machine and the water boiler for general use there is also a disinfectant device, to be operated with the elbow.
  • Hand soap is in every en suite bathroom
  • Your bedroom and bathroom will be very well cleaned and disinfected before your stay.
  • We regularly disinfect public areas and exposed surfaces such as door handles (B&B).
  • We follow government guidelines and recommendations
  • We are provided with information about COVID-19 and management instructions

B & B / hotel
Initially we will open max 5 rooms (instead of all 6), so that everyone can stay in the living room at the same time and have breakfast or sit on the roof terrace.
Of course you have to comply with all conditions required by the government, so give each other space when moving and always keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

Breakfast service

  • Please wait at the indicated place until the owner shows you your table
  • Our breakfast buffet expires, but you can have breakfast à la carte in the living room by indicating your wishes in advance on a checklist
  • In order to maintain sufficient distance, we serve out with appropriate distance
  • Maximum 4 guests or 1 household per table

Meeting room
We offer the following options from 1 June:

  • Meetings are possible for groups up to 7 people. The 1.5 meter distance can be guaranteed.
  • A combination with an overnight stay (max. 6 individual persons) is very well possible.
  • Breakfast or Lunch can be arranged à la carte. 
  • Group accommodation

    From 1 July, the following is possible in the group accommodation Rooms on Water, whereby the 1.5-metre rule must always be observed if the group consists of several households. 

    • The starting point is that there is one household or couple per bedroom. Family or groups of friends consisting of 10 people from 5 households (5 bedrooms) can stay relaxed at Rooms on Water. In the bedrooms, the living room and on the deck terrace the 1.5 meter distance between 10 persons from 5 households is no problem. Guests must behave in such a way that this 1.5 meters is guaranteed.
    • If your group consists of more people or more households, it is advisable to contact Moniek the owner before booking
    • Groups of up to 12 people can stay at Rooms on water, but you should bear in mind that depending on the number of households, a limited number of people can sit together in the living room at the same time. You can extend the terrace on the quay
    • Before booking, groups of 9 or more people should contact the owner by phone or email.
    • If all 6 bedrooms are used, the normal prices are for the entire accommodation.

    Rooms on Water is located in the heart of Rotterdam center, making parking on the street expensive.
    The rate is € 4,00 / hour (between 9 am and 11 pm, thursday till sunday between 9 am and 1 am).

    But…. There are alternatives!

    – Free parking at a P + R (max. 72 uur), after which you travel back and forth by public transport.
    – ParkBee Visserdijk, ( This car park is very close by and the cheapest (€11/ 24 hours). Please note: Reservations can be made via internet, the max. height is 1.80 meters;
    – Parking garage De Markthal ( This parking garage uses different rates, but also has a rate of € 17.50 / 24 hours. You have to book in advance by internet;
    – Wijnbrugstraat car park. € 2 / hour. €24/ 24 hours.

    You can take the train to Rotterdam central, hence it is 15-20 minutes walk to the Wolfshoek where the ship is located.
    By metro (line C, D or E) from Rotterdam you can get off at the stop Beurs / Churchill and take exit ‘Maritiem Museum’.
    You can also take the train to station Blaak. From there it is a 5-10 minute walk to Rooms on Water.

    Rooms on Water is located next to the intersection of metro lines. A and B go from east to west v.v., and therefore also from P + R Kalingse Zoom to the Beurs / Churchill stop (see parking).
    The lines C, D and E go from north to south, e.g.
    It is just 10 minutes to AHOY, and there are even more hotspots to reach quickly.

    Tram / Bus
    Also the tram and bus stops are around the corner.
    Here is a link to a RET page with more info about the routes of tram and metro:

    Rotterdam uses a rate of 4.5% per person per night.

    The room prices and the price of the group accommodation do not include the accommodation tax.

    B &B (maximum 3 rooms, more rooms is group rental)

    Due to Covid-19 we have relaxed the cancellation conditions. This applies to bookings with a stay till 1 August 2021:

    Up to 7 days before the start of the rental period you can cancel free of charge.
    Between 7 and 0 days: 100% cost
    At No-Show: 100% of the entire reservation

    Normally these were the cancellation conditions:

    At No-Show: 100% of the entire reservation.
    Between 60 and 31 days: 50% of the reservation
    Between 30 and 0 days: 100% of the reservation

    Group rental: Group accommodation or at 4 rooms and more:

    Due to Covid-19 we have relaxed the cancellation conditions for bookings with a stay till 1 Septembre 2021:
    You have a rebooking guarantee if your stay cannot take place due to the Dutch laws and regulations concerning Covid-19.
    The rebooking must be done as soon as reasonably possible, with the new stay taking place within 12 months. 

    Normally these are the cancellation conditions:
    When booking: 15%
    Between 5 and 4 months: 20%
    Between 4 and 3 months: 40%
    Between 3 and 2 months: 60%
    Between 2 and 1 month: 75%
    Between 1 month and the day of arrival: 100%

    The most important house rule is:
    You treat the accommodation and its inventory / contents with respect.
    In 2017 I worked hard to convert the ship’s hold into the beautiful, athmosferic accommodation that it is now and which I am very proud of.
    If something does break, please report it to me. I live on the back of the ship.

    It is of course forbidden to smoke in the entire accommodation. It is allowed on deck on the roof terrace. There is also a large ashtray. Do not throw the remnants overboard.

    You will find all the rules: House rules NL Rooms on Water

    Those who rent the group accommodation, I ask on board Extra houserules groups English to read and sign. This is to prevent discussion afterwards.

    Of course we think privacy for every visitor of this website is important.
    In the following statement I try to clearly state what your rights are and how we use your (personal) data.

    AVG May 2018